Mr Marvis

Mr Marvis

Mr Marvis is an Amsterdam based shorts brand for men.

Mr Marvis was launched in 2016 by David Sipkens and Steven Vredenbarg who know each other from their study period. They were frustrated by the ‘fast-fashion’ principle and they had to search every year for a good summer short. That’s where the idea came up: create the perfect short, with the perfect fit.

The brand Mr Marvis is mostly active as an online experience, in december 2019 Standard Studio was approached to design an offline experience. In the ‘Jordaan-area’ in Amsterdam Mr Marvis found a new office, suitable for growth and space for a showroom.

The design of the store is kept simple, just like the brand.

Standard Studio designed a tube that connects all the short types that are available. The main wall shows the ‘hero’, the short where it all started. The other shorts connected to the tube are related and based on the same design principles of the original Mr Marvis.


Designer: Standard Studio
E-mail [email protected]

Client: Mr Marvis

Location address Oude Looiersstraat 44

1016 VJ Amsterdam

The Netherlands

Total area55m2

Design december 2019

Completion march 2020


Interior fit-out Roord binnenbouw

Blacksmith Ti-tech

Photography Wouter van der Sar

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