In 2018 Standard Studio was approached by a private client to help with combining two apartments into one. Both apartments were about 160 m2, they cover the ground floor and basement.

The spatial concept was lead by the wish of the client to have an apartment as open as possible but still have ‘cosy’ spaces. Inspiration was found in the idea that the apartment can behave like a square in a city: a big ‘public’ space and volumes around it that houses the functional needs of an apartment.

The cube-shaped volumes that are placed on the square have openings with different dimensions to create a relation with the ‘public’ space. The open space is like a canvas with white walls and a concrete floor finish. The cube-shaped volumes are finished with bamboo, in this way there is a good contrast between them.


Address: Westerpark area,  Amsterdam
Client: Private
Interior design: Standard Studio
Total area: 325m2
Design: 2018
Construction: October 2019

Project management: Innovat projecten
Interior fit-out: Job Interieurbouw
Domotica: Sight and Sound
Loose furniture: BigBrands

Photography: Wouter van der Sar